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Consulting & Advocacy

Kachina L. Smith, D.Ac., M.Ac., L.Ac., ADS (Dr. Chi) is passionate about teaching and making a difference in the lives of every patient and colleague she encounters. More importantly, she wants to continue plant the seeds that make heathcare providers practice better and work collaboratively with patients. Read below about some of Dr. Chi's services. For more about Dr. Chi, read about her journey as an acupuncturist and intuitive.

Acupuncture Seminars

Traditional Chinese Medicine

Dr. Chi teaches Acupuncture 101 for the curious, prospective patients, and a more in-depth version for healthcare providers. The introductory seminar covers the basics: what is acupuncture, the tools of the trade, types of treatment, and frequently asked questions. Provider seminars include Western and Eastern medicine comparisons including understanding the physiological mechanisms of treatment and case studies. Both types of seminars also focus on debunking myths about this type of medicine. Some seminars are accompanied with community-style auricular (ear) acupuncture sessions.

Acupuncture Business Consulting

Business Meeting

Dr. Chi has culled years of personal and professional experience from working for national associations, large hospitals, private medical clinics, boutique practices and acupuncture to help new and early-career acupuncturists. Simply put, she helps them develop their practices from A to Z. Starting with the essentials of paperwork and setup to growing practices that require office management and employee training.

However the business needs adjustment, from refining the dress code to implementing effective treatment planning, she can help. Some services have included EHR consulting and employee training, development of office and employee reference texts, insurance billing, staff presentations, conference preparation, and customer service coaching.

Dysautonomia Education & Advocacy

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Dysautonomia is the "umbrella" term for conditions caused by autonomic nervous system dysfunction. The autonomic nervous system, part of the peripheral nervous system of the body, is responsible for the involuntary (automatic) processes of the body. Dr. Chi has personal history and experience with neurocardiogenic syncope (NCS, previously known as vasovagal syncope) and postural orthostatic tachycardia syndrome, referred to as POTS. Her experience also extends to treating patients with dysautonomia. Dr. Chi offers in-service presentations to healthcare providers of all kinds from the practitioner and patient perspective.




"Dr. Kachina was absolutely awesome! She explained the entire process and gave me great advice. I will definitely be back. Thank you Dr. Kachina!"

— S.L., Washington, DC

"No matter what the day, the situation or experience she is having, she comes to me with an open mind and a calmness that is infectious. She has helped me to recognize the value of a work life balance."

— C., Gaithersburg, MD


"Under Kachina's care I experienced profound and long-lasting changes; namely, I began to learn how to care for myself and ask others for what I need... My family is truly a new family because of these skills."

— T.K., Baltimore, MD

"Kachina was great. She explained everything as we went along. Very relaxing."

— M.M., Takoma Park, MD

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