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The Intuitive & Angel Guide

Kachina L. Smith is a multifaceted professional -- a healer, educator and advocate. Read more below about her spiritual path to becoming a spiritual (psychic) intuitive and certified angel guide. You may also read about her journey as an acupuncture physician here. Learn about her as a consultant here.  

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"Your goals, your dreams... Your spirit is not earth bound.
You are only limited by your beliefs.
Take flight. Let your spirit soar."

Kachina L. Smith

Hay House Certified Angel Guide

Kachina L. Smith (pronounced "Kah-chee-na") has been described by family and friends as an "old soul." Kachina's name means "Spiritual Dancer" in Hopi Indian. Her family is of both African American and American Indian heritage. She is proud to come from a family lineage of people with spiritual gifts. Her totem is the eagle and is represented as her business logo. In American Indian belief, the eagle is the messenger between Heaven and Earth; the illuminator of the Spirit. Kachina sees her life path as a part of her practice of Eagle medicine and that she and her patients/clients, like eagles, must soar and live their best lives.


Along with her passion for the field of medicine, she has always sought deeper learning and understanding about the spiritual and metaphysical. Receiving acupuncture treatment changed her life for the better, but she did not expect it would open new possibilities as an intuitive. While training as an acupuncturist and later practicing on her own, her psychic intuitive gifts began to grow more rapidly and strengthen. She is clairaudient, claircognizant, and clairsentient. Her clairaudient skills also extend to animal communication. Kachina is a Hay House(TM) Certified Angel Guide as well as an intuitive professional. She continues to advance her practice in channeling and angel mediumship with angel communicator and healer Kyle Gray. Kachina is a member of his Angel Team international training program and recently received her Advanced Angel Card Mastery certification in Fall 2023.

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